Friday, October 22, 2010

Beautiful Bamboo

Recently I saw a picture of the GREEN SCHOOL in Indonesia - constructed with bamboo. It's amazing what has already been done with this fast growing plant/weed. Since then I've been googling bamboo and looking for videos of bamboo - just about anything related to bamboo.

It seems that a certain type of bamboo can grow up to a meter a day. This is an incredible speed for a plant to grow.

It's not known if bamboo has been used in Maldives for construction. However, they are being used quite often as privacy screens, especially in resort islands. It is also not known if any home grown bamboo is used for any purpose or if it is grown in any significant amount.

Bamboo experts say that bamboo can be grown almost anywhere in the world. There are about 1200 islands in the Maldives of which only about 200 are occupied. The rest can surely be used in a number of positive and beneficial ways. One way is to grow bamboo and use them for making new products such as fence/screen, furniture and craft items probably.

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