Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sadly Exciting

Been an awfully long time since I did my last post. Always wanted to keep posting new things. There are lots of things that keeps me inspired and lots that keep me held up as well.

What's new is the politics and it's not new at all. It's got a lot of impact. Maybe not today and not on me today, but definitely on a lot of people today and soon on me. Well maybe it has today and that's probably why I am writing about it. I've always heard that politics is dirty but it honestly did not occur to me that it would be this childish. People so hungry for power. People caught up in a complex web of some kind and getting poisoned. All citizens have turned into a trump card for them.

It's a exciting time in a very sad kind of way. It's a historic time because it's a transitional time. It's not a pleasant time to live in but an honourable time.